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Pilots: 20
Total Airline Hours: 586
Flights: 303
Flights Today: 3
Miles Flown: 184,567
Aircraft: 151
Passengers: 93,315
Routes: 444

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Welcome To Shamrock Virtual Airlines

Welcome To Shamrock Virtual Airlines. With Shamrock Virtual Airlines the sky truly is the limit, we are a relatively new Virtual Airline whose operations are based on the national carrier of Ireland, Aer Lingus. For the more advanced pilot in command we use both IVAO and VATSIM online gaming servers and for the less experienced we have an option of flying offline for you to get your bearings, but fear not newbies even if you feel that virtual aviation is too difficult or daunting for you, we have a team of members who will gladly teach you everything you need to know.

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Posted by Anthony Dooner on 05/04/2018

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
SVA5231Noel KavanaghKDFWKMEMA320-21401.11-211 ft/m Pending
SVA5231Noel KavanaghKOKCKDFWA320-21400.41-114 ft/m Pending
SVA5231Noel KavanaghKSAFKOKCA320-21401.20-87 ft/m Accepted
SVA5231Noel KavanaghKTUSKSAFA320-21400.59-35 ft/m Accepted
SVA591Brendan BakerKMSPKSLCA320-21402.37-195 ft/m Accepted
SVA561Cees OotjersKBOSKBUFB737-50001.22-558 ft/m Accepted
SVA531Marco Van Den BergKBOSKBUFA320-21401.07-214 ft/m Accepted
SVA591Brendan BakerKORDKMSPA320-21401.12-228 ft/m Accepted
SVA5231Noel KavanaghKPHXKTUSA320-21400.39-161 ft/m Accepted
EIC2112Marco Van Den BergEIDWEINNA320-21400.54-102 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

Noel has chosen flight SVA5231 departing from KMEM arriving at KBNA,and will be flying a A320-214 (EI-GAL)

Graham has chosen flight EIN393 departing from EDDH arriving at EIDW,and will be flying a A320-214 (EI-DEM)

Brendan has chosen flight SVA591 departing from KSLC arriving at KSFO,and will be flying a A320-214 (EI-DEA)

Tony has chosen flight SVA51761 departing from KMSP arriving at KSLC,and will be flying a A320-214 (EI-DEK)

Recent Activity

SVA0023 Noel Kavanagh has filed a PIREP from KDFW to KMEM View Flight Report

SVA0023 Noel Kavanagh has filed a PIREP from KOKC to KDFW View Flight Report

SVA0023 Noel Kavanagh has filed a PIREP from KSAF to KOKC View Flight Report

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